About (Britt)


Hello! My name is Britt, and this is my blog! I’m a 23yr old dance instructor-slash-technical writer living in sunny Florida, currently attempting to figure out my place and path in life. I carefully balance working in a cubicle 40hrs a week as a technical writer, and making sure I get in plenty of run-lift-fight time at my favorite places ever – the gym and the road! It’s my hope that this blog can keep me on the straight and narrow with my fitness and health routine. Clean eating is what I try to do, food wise, but damn if I don’t love chocolate. And Taco Bell. But we don’t speak of the “TB” word round these parts. Not unless I’m feeling particularly weak, that is.

My workout routines typically consist of a mixture between running, lifting, dancing, and boxing/kickboxing. I’m newer to the running game, and while as of now my longest comfortable distance is 8mi, I’ve decided to do a half marathon come November 2015, and then I got doubly crazy and signed up for the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February 2016, so stay tuned for this training debacle journey! When it comes to lifting and cardio workouts, I love to come up with my own routines, and will surely start posting them as I see fit!

Happy reading!


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