Busy Bee! Week and Half Recap – Part 1

Man, oh man, has it been a busy week and a half! Let’s recap the last week and half, starting with Sunday the 13th! Aking it back – and off we go!

Two Sundays ago, Josh and I were lucky enough to score some tickets to a Bucs game from a season-ticket-holding friend, another Josh, who is the guitarist in their band. We had a great time at the beginning of the game, walking around seeing the entertainment, and checking out the pre-game show which included a sky-diving drop-in of 3 Paratroopers from MacDill Air Force base, and a pretty sweet fly-over of a HUGE Coast Guard plane!

IMG_3358IMG_3356 IMG_3350IMG_3357

…However, that excitement ended promptly 3 minutes into the game when the Bucs started playing horribly, and pissing off fans left and right! Er, Go Bucs? We only stayed til half-time as it was scorching hot (outdoor stadium in Florida…gotta love it!) and they, again, were playing poorly. We finished off the game on the couch in the comfort of our a/c-loving home with our pup.


Moving on…last week was Josh’s birthday week (!) and I had plenty of good stuff planned for him/us to celebrate! I took Tuesday and Wednesday off from work, and surprised Josh with a trip over to ol’ Orlando to hit up Walt Disney World’s Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party! It was a blast! We went to our hotel first, right across the street from Downtown Disney, to jump on the Disney Transport Bus to bypass those steep parking fees (up to $17 these days), and made it to the park around 5ish*. We had a blast walking around Disney, going on rides, catching their special Halloween shoes and fireworks, and sampling some treats – it was a great night!


One thing I really wanted to make sure we caught, since this was a special event and all, was the new Hocus Pocus themed stage show, ONLY performed at the Party! As a heeeyuge Hocus pocus fan, I couldn’t wait to see Disney finally introduce the Sanderson Sisters, officially. It did not disappoint!


Since the crowd was so small compared to a regular Disney-day, we were able to jump on SO MANY rides with barely a 5min wait! It was awesome! Josh hadn’t been to Disney since he was a kid, and though I’ve been Disney-spoiled as a passholder for 10+ years, this was probably the longest I had gone between Disney visits – it had been almost a year since I’d been there. I think he had a good, and I know I did. Hopefully it was an enjoyable and super fun birthday treat for him!


The next day, Wednesday, was Josh’s actual birthday, and though I tried to sleep in in that comfy hotel bed, I still woke up mighty early, and decided to head out for an early run while Josh slept in a bit more. Knocked out 3mi that morning, per my training plan, and got to run a fun new route! Can’t wait to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon in 5mos!

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 3.53.00 PMAfter busting out my miles, I swung into the café downstairs to pick up a milk and sprinkle donut for the birthday boy, and I ate my banana as I watched him enjoy that! …yep, I stuck to my guns #willpower. We got ready, checked out of the hotel and headed over to Downtown Disney-slash-the new Disney Springs for some meandering, eating, and just being-at-Disney’ing!

After grabbing a Starbucks and doing some widow shopping/exploring for a couple hours, we headed over to Fulton’s Crab House for an amazing Josh’s-Birthday lunch! I went with a lump blue crab wedge salad with fried green tomatoes – yum!- and Josh had good ol’ fish and chips. Before our entrees, we split a bowl of New England clam chowder that was to die for, and each of us ended up saving half of our lunches for dinner later that night! Definitely a great place for some seafood! …and I’m glad I save some room for a treat:


Mickey Premium Cookies n’ Cream Ice Cream Sandwich….mmmm. I even got it for free! We walked up to get it, and the guy working the cart said it was ‘on him’! Free at Disney, you say?? Don’t mind if I do! It was amazing.

After smashing that ice cream sandwich between the two of us, we bid farewell to Disney and headed home.

The next few days were filled with me back at work, and busy as all get out at that! Lot’s going on at my job lately, so that’s been keeping me mighty busy on the clock. I’m not complaining!

*- If you plan to do a Disney special event, such as Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, or Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas, know that you are allowed entrance to the park as early as 4pm, even though they tell you it “starts” at 7pm. Guests without special event tickets will have to leave at 7pm, but special-event-ticket holders can enjoy the park from 4pm on J


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