Happy Birthday, Pepper!!

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 1.34.49 PM

Thursday was this pretty little girl’s 4th birthday! Pepper was adopted by me and an ex boyfriend (yes, I knew it was a bad idea to do that at the time, and believe me, I tried to fight him on it…a lot) when she was just over a year old, from the Deland Border Collie Rescue in Deland, FL…a whopping 3-4hrs away from where I live! She was born into the rescue and adopted out once before, but that family brought her back when she didn’t get as big as they hoped. Apparently, they had NO business adopting a dog in the first place. IMO- Dogs aren’t t-shirts; you can’t return them if they don’t turn out to ‘fit’ exactly how you’d wish…. I digress. Lucky for me, we brought Pepper home that day, and a few months later when we broke up (again, why getting a dog together wasn’t bright) I made it 100% crystal clear that was to be mine.

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 9.04.50 PM

Pepper has been the most loyal, loving, friendly, sweetest and goofiest baby dog all along, and when we lived by ourselves in the apartment I fondly referred to as the HoB (House of Bitches), she never let me get lonely and always made me feel safe…even though I knew if she were ever to need to act like a ‘protector’, she’d probably lick the assailant to death and/or roll over begging for a belly rub. Atta girl.


Pepper’s birthday was celebrated with lots and lots of loving’, as always, and lots and lots of treats. Daddy Josh even got her a Puppaccino* from Starbucks! Her fave! And each of us took her on a nice long walk, full of smells and lizards for her to chase. We plan to continue the celebration tomorrow, weather provided, and take her on a nice long trail/hike (a hike in FL, you say? Yeah…it’s flat though) over at a park I found in Bradenton. She’ll love it!

Anyone else celebrate their pup’s birthdays? One year, I made her a dog-friendly cake with peanut butter…she ate. it. up. literally.

*A Puppaccino, for those who don’t know, is a cup of whipped cream with a milk bone in it. Starbucks gives them, upon request, to doggies! It’s free, and they (the pups) tend to LOVE it! Order one for your fur baby next time you go through a Starbucks 🙂


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