I’ve Gone and Done It Again…

…I registered for another race!

I knoooow…that’s THREE lined up between now and February. But, well, to be quite honest, I got race envy. Jealousy is an evil thing!

Here’s what happened…I was sitting at my desk and up came the email notification that runDisney added the Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend to Disney World this coming April. As a runDisney follower, and Princess Half Marathon signer-upper, my curiosity was piqued. Then I got to talking with my boss, who sits beside me, about it. He’s a HUGE Star Wars nerd, and was super excited that they added this race to Disney WORLD in Orlando, rather than Disney Land, in Cali. We got to talking, and I talked him into going for the 10k, instead of the measly 5k – why pay all that money, and go all the way to Disney (all the way – ha! We like 90mins from there, but I digress…) to run for, like, 30-40mins? Go BIG or go HOME, amiright?! He got my just and agreed – he plans to do the 10k! Yeah!

Then I got to thinking…resulting in trouble, per usual. I want to sign up for another race. Mine is still soo far away (10.5wks, so, uh, not really far)…I bet there’s a good late September/Early October 10k I can find, I thought. I pulled up my Active.com app and started a search. Boom! Success! What did I find? The Dunedin OktoBEERfest Races – a 10k, 5k, 1-miler…and then, I saw it.

“Do All 3 In The Challenge” …meaning you have to run the 10k at 4pm, the 5k starts at 5pm, and the mi at 5:45pm. I thought of the times allotted and the paces/times that I can finish a 10k/5k…hmm, I can run a 10k in about 52-54mins, and a 5k in 26mins…I suppose I could do that….

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 7.49.47 PM

I signed up!

I figured, hey, according my Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon training plan (that I’m currently wrapping up week 2 of! Eek!) I’m supposed to be running 8mi that day anyways…what’s another 2mi+change? Right?

Call me a running fool; I’ll take it!

**Now, I’m working on getting Josh to sign up for the 5k…I told him I’d run it with him, since, really, I only need to worry about time on the 10k…we’ll see if he does it. I have my fingers crossed!**


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