My Supplement Stack – Part 1

After mentioning these products many, many times, I finally got around to it! This is my supplement stack; the ins and outs of what I’m taking, when, why, how it’s working…all of it! For a few of my supps, I just switched up brands, but they have the same main components/target goals, so I’ll include both in the review.

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor nor am I authorized in any way to advise you on what you should/shouldn’t take. This is just what works for me. Please consult a doctor before you decide to take anything.

Let’s just run down how my days usually go, supplement-wise…


Current: Cellucor Super HD (Strawberry Lemonade) // Past: GNC Genetix-HD Line Pro Sculpt (Pink Lemonade)

Cellucor Super HD (powder)
Cellucor Super HD (powder)
Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 8.18.30 PM
GNC Genetix HD Pro-Sculpt

Taken upon waking, about 30-60mins before I’m going to work out. Sometimes taken on days when I don’t work out in the morning; this is fine to do, and is suggested for both products. Mixed with 8-12fl oz of water and ice.

Both the Super HD and Pro Sculpt are thermogenic fat-burners that help boost metabolism and give a little dose of extra energy without the jittery feeling. These can be taken in the morning, as I mentioned, or even if you just need a little pick-me-up in the afternoon.

The Pro Sculpt, at 30cal per scoop, was my first go at a thermo, and I got obsessed fast! It tastes great, mixes well (I don’t bend, just stir with a straw), and I could totally see the difference in leaning out after my first round of taking it. I would recommend this product very highly.

For the Super HD, rolling in at 5cal per scoop, I’m still mid-round of taking this; only had it for about 2wks now, but so far, I’m digging it too! The only reason I switched from the Pro Sculpt was because of the great things I’ve heard about Cellucor. They’ve been around for a long time, and have a high rate of referral from other lifters/cardio junkies. And, if you follow of their many ambassador on Instagram you can get a 25% off discount code to order from their site, which can at times be cheaper than GNC depending on sales currently running at GNC. (hint: my fave Cellucor ambassadors on Insta are @bottlesandbarbells and @passion2befit, go check them out!) ß– add link

Pre-Afternoon Workout

Current: GNX Genetix HD Meta Ignite (capsules)

GNC Genetix HD Meta Ignite
GNC Genetix HD Meta Ignite

When I plan to workout in the afternoon, which I typically do on my lunch break Mon, Weds, and Thurs, I like to pop a Meta Ignite, again, 30-60mins before I head out. Meta Ignite is an “amplified thermogenic”; meaning it really gets you going! Per the bottle’s instructions, the dosage is 3 pills…I DO NOT take 3 pills. To me, and for my caffeine sensitivity, that would probably drive me up a wall – literally. I take one (1) pill for an afternoon workout, and if I have little to no energy, but need to kill an evening WoD or something, I will take two (2). That’s SUPER rare that I do though. I’ve never tried 3, and I certainly wouldn’t, knowing my own body.

Edit: Since posting, this product has now changed to “Meta Ignite Inferno” as the link/picture will show. I haven’t tried this yet, but when I do, I will report back 😉 Not sure of the differences.

Pre-Evening Hip Hop Classes / Intense Evening Workout

Current: Cellucor C4: Ripped (raspberry lemonade flavor)

Cellucor C4: Ripped
Cellucor C4: Ripped

Cellucor’s C4: Ripped is a fat-burning pre-workout blend, without the Creatine additive that the regular ol’ C4 has in it. After sampling C4, I found out FAST that I do not like Creatine. It’s too slow acting, and it makes me feel bloated. No thanks. The C4: Ripped however, is fantastic! It’s comprised of some amino acids, Green Coffee Bean extract to speed up your metabolism, and other good stuff to mobilize and break down fat thus helping you get some more energy! And…it tastes GREAT! (I couldn’t say the same for the C4 with Creatine…blech!) I like the raspberry lemonade flavor, and I’m already a fan of Cellucor’s fruit punch flavored items, but I think next round I’ll try this particular item in cherry limeade. Tasty!

I like to take C4: Ripped before I teach dance because I know I have a long night (3+ hours) of needing energy to keep up with classes/kids. Also, it helps keep me fuller feeling. The recommended dose is one scoop at first, and two once you establish a tolerance or need an extra boost, but I always stick with one, out of preference.


Check back tomorrow for all of my mid and post workout supps!


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