All About That Protein, Bout That Protein – Less Sugar…My Weekend in Protein!

Don’t lie, you sang that headline, didn’t you?

This post is brought to you thanks in part to my protein PACKED weekend! I used all the protein this weekend. Grams on grams. Scoops on scoops. Let’s get down to it!

  • GNC BOGO ½ Off Powders

Saturday, during my at-least-once-weekly stop at GNC, my unabashedly admitted favorite place ever, I scooped up two new tubs o’ protein, thanks to their buy one, get one half off promotion currently running (they do it all the time, just check the website for when they run the promo). I was in need of a protein haul since a friend of mine and I decided to make out own Quest Bars (coming up next…). Since I’m mildy (totally) obsessed with any and all Cellucor products as of late, I decided to BOGO ½ Off two tubs of Cellucor; my fave flavor, Peanutbutter Marshmallow, being my first pick and…drumroll…the Chocolate Raspberry Truffle being my second pick. That’s right. Chocolate. Raspberry. Truffle.

I may have truffle-shuffled in the store.


It’s so good. I knew it would make a great addition to our homemade Quest bars (I know! Tease!) but homg, I didn’t know it would be quite so amay in a prtein shake. Yum.

Totally recommend.

  • Homemade Quest Bars!!

You read that right. We discovered a recipe to make our own. With lots o’ Googling, and an Amazon order later – my friend Amanda and I can now make our own Quest bars! I’m going to do a separate post on the ins and outs of this process, since I’m still experimenting with flavors, recipes, etc. but this is real. Not magic. No bad ingredients. It can literally be a 2-ingredient recipe, if desired. More on this later, but so far, I’ve made 12, and on a basic calculation, I’d say the homemade-Quest-bar runs about a dollar a piece (compared to the actual Quest Bar priced between $2.08-2.89/bar. Super duper!)

  • Protein Popsicles, or a Smoothie!

With my newfound love of the Chocolate Raspberry Truffle protein powder, I couldn’t wait to give it a try the old fashioned way and make a protein shake. Because I wasn’t super hungry for a snack at the moment, but I was motivated to whip up some magic in the kitchen, I figured I could make a smoothie, and use part of the batch for some protein popsicles, and drink the other part! Perf!

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 9.19.21 PM

What you’ll need:

-1 scoop protein powder (I used Cellucor Chocolate Raspberry Truffle, obvi)

-1 c milk, water, almondmilk, soy, etc. (Users choice: I used Silk Unsweetened Vanilla Almondmilk)

-Small Handful of Raspberries (your choice of berry that will go well with your chosen pro-pow)

-Popsicle Molds, Blender

Simply dump it all into the blender ( I try to do heaviest items on the bottom), blend and pour into your molds! Let it freeze up for a couple hours, then enjoy! They’re a tasty, healthy, kid-safe, great snack! Especially in this hot-hot Florida heat.


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