Wait, How Many Miles?!


No, there were (sadly) no cupcakes involved. But, YES, I did indeed run ten miles this Saturday!! After a less-than-promising 8mi last Saturday, I was really dreading my last long run before my official Half training begins. I knew I should reach for a distance PR, of at least 8.5mi, but man, last week’s run was ROUGH.

Friday night was spent out on the town in laid back Indian Rocks Beach, where two friends and I had a fun girls’ night out. I was DD, upon my own request, and only had 2 drinks – vodka soda with a splash of cranberry. However, I haven’t had drink-drinks in a loooong time. Two, typically, woudn’t hit me in the slightest; I have my father’s stomach when it comes to alcohol, but having not drank any alcohol in quite a while, I was a little concerned that I’d be sluggy the next day. Add on top of that, inadequate sleep; we didn’t conclude our night out til after 2. Then I had to drive back to my side of town, 30-40mins away. Then I got home to a wide-awake boyfriend.


Bed time didn’t come til almost 4am. Night. Owl. Hoot, hoot.

Given all of these factors, I let myself sleep in a bit, til 8:30am. I usually get up Saturdays to run at 6:45am… That certainly wasn’t happening. Once I did peel myself out of bed, I was already dreading how my legs were going to feel. I truly never know when it’s going to be a good run day, or a slug day. I made my typical pre-run snack of toast with peanut butter (currently using PB 2) and banana on top, and washed it down with my new thermo, Cellucor Super HD powder. After milling around the house for about a half hour to digest, I strapped on all my gear (gear post coming soon!!) and headed out.

It was already scorching hot out (well into the high 80s) yet I wasn’t feeling too bad a few miles in. Once I hit my turn around point, 4mi out, I was still feeling strong and knew I’d finish my 8mi without issue. I was burning up, of course, but I had sunscreened and worn a hat, so the sun wasn’t killing me quite as much as it could’ve been.

Picture from a few months back, but I wore a similar getup Saturday. Sexy, right??
Picture from a few months back, but I wore a similar getup Saturday. Sexy, right??

Nearing the end of my 8mi, I was still feeling strong. My legs weren’t dying quite yet, and I felt like I should continue…so I did. For me, when I decide to continue on, unless pain or rain strikes, I like to round out full miles, i.e. Well, if I’m going beyond 8, then I gotta hit 9! About halfway into my ninth mile, I still felt good. Better than good, in fact. I was talking to myself, telling myself that I’m killing it, and that I should/could begin my training plan with a bang…why not go for 10?!

And so I did.

What whaaat!
What whaaat!

One hour, thirty-three mins and ten miles later, I rolled into my house, a huge smile on my face. I laid out my yoga mat to do some post-run stretching (pigeon pose, butterflies) and couldn’t help but pat myself on the back.

What an accomplishment. I felt amazing. I felt strong. I felt invincible.

As my official Half Marathon training plan begins today, and I’m 12-weeks out from my first half marathon, I cant help but be extremely proud of how far I’ve come, and how dedicated I have been.

This half marathon will be my bitch.


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