What to Say When Your Daughter Wants To Grow Up To Be Ronda Rousey

I wanted to reblog this 100% for the fact that this dad rules. My dad would’ve killed to have a daughter like this dude’s; hell, I hope if I ever have a daughter she’s like this little beast! As a Ronda-fan, and MMA/Boxing-training-for-fitness goer, I have nothing but respect and admiration for EVERY fighter, male or female. It took about 2.5 milliseconds into my first Muay Thai spar for me to realize I do NOT enjoy getting hit. That may seem like a no-brainer, but seriously. It’s not fun. Anyone who fights does so knowing they will get hit, Ronda Rousey status skills, or not, and they willing participate in this sport regardless of that fact. Respect, ’cause yo…that hurts. But other than that, the rigorous training and dedication involved is something that everyone should recognize as greatness. Male or female.


By now, most of us have marveled at the skill and ferocity of MMA champion Ronda Rousey. Her recent 34-second dismantling of Brazilian Bethe Correia, and her dedication of the fight to recently deceased pro-wrestling legend Roddy Piper, places her on hallowed ground in the eyes of many fight fans. But because she is a woman — an attractive woman — complicates things for not only some fans of the sport, but the public at large.

There is no questioning the credentials of Ms. Rousey. She’s undefeated, all by knockout or submission. She’s only been taken to the third round once. She has won fights in 14, 16 and 25 seconds. Only a handful on her fights have gone past a minute. In fact, she’s only ever needed to spend a total of 25 minutes and 36 seconds to win all of her 12 fights. But the she thing remains problematic for purists, and…

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