Favorite Things Friday!

Today, I’m stealing a page out of the many blogs I read, and doing a Favorite Things Friday post! Let’s cut to the chase, shall we?

Favorite Workout

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 6.31.11 PM

Last weekend, I was just about to set out for a killer run –hoping for a good 8-9miler – when BOOM! Literally, a big boom. Of thunder. It started pouring before I even had my sneakers fully laced up. After a moment of kicking myself for not setting out half an hour earlier like I had originally planned, I swapped shoes (Saucony Breakthroughs for my Nike TR 2 Connects) and headed into the garage for a WOD / Workout.

I started the workout with a classic Crossfit WOD as my warm-up, which goes by the name of “Annie”:

Double Unders w Jump rope

After that, feeling fully warm with my heartrate already up, I delved into the 500 Workout, as seen above. LEG KILLER right off the bat. Definitely one of my favorites!

Favorite Whey


After being a faithful user of the Optimum Nutrition 100% Gold Standard Whey, Vanilla Icecream flavor, for many months now, I have hit. The. Wall. I cannot drink that anymore. Literally, cannot. It’s giving me the regurge-feels every time I go to sip it now (tmi? You know what I’m talking about!). It has been relegated to being used solely as my non-bake-baked-treats powder (See Protein Balls post), and instead, I decided to give the ever-popular Cellucor a chance. While I plan to do a big post about Cellucor in the future, I will say this: OMG THE FLAVORS. I ordered samples in the Cookies n’ Crème, and Marshmallow Peanut Butter flavors, and after trying them both, I almost can’t decide which one I prefer….but come on, who am I kidding? Peanut butter anything almost always has my vote, and that holds true for Cellucor Whey!

Favorite Family Moment


Is that not the cutest thing? Honestly. She always snuggles with her daddy, but the way she just flopped over him, and laid perfectly comfortable tugs at the heartstrings. Pepper loves her mama, no doubt about that, but she adores snuggles with her daddy. And Josh loves his fur-daughter just as much.

I was snuggles-less on the couch, Kindle in hand.

Leading to my next Favorite thing….
Favorite Books


Recently I had the opportunity to get a copy of ALL 7 Harry Potter books on my Kindle…Fo’ Free! As my favorite saying goes, “If it’s for free, it’s for me,” I jumped at the chance. Having never actually read the books (not including reading book one back in 2001 when I’m sure I paid tons of attention to it), but being a lover of the movies from the day one (literally, as my old BFFs 10th birthday party was a wizard-theme-movie-premiere attending party), I was finally ready to give the books a shot…Quite a bit of years late, I’m aware, but hey, better late than never! I’m currently in book 4, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, for those unfamiliar, and I’m officially hooked. They really are so much better than the movies /cliché/ and that’s saying a lot since, as a movie-phile, I adore those films.

Favorite Busy Weekend


Last weekend was the busiest weekend we’ve had in a long time. We were booked solid with events to attend, and though it made the weekend go by far too fast, we had a great time with some great friends!

From the Slipknot/Lamb of God/Bullet for my Valentine concert Saturday evening, to Josh’s bestie, Ben, and his wonderful girlfriend, Erin’s combined birthday celebration at the Tampa Bay Rays game Sunday, I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend spent with my favorite man, and fun friends!

Cheers to this weekend; hope it’s just as fun, but a little more lazy 😉


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