Protein for a Pescetarian and Hitting Goals!

No matter if you already follow a pescetarian lifestyle/diet, or are just making the change to it, assuring you get enough protein is very important!

Upping your protein intake throughout the day can be a great way to not only stay full and satisfied so snacking wont occur, but is also great for weight monitoring. If you’re as active as I am, you may find that swapping out lunches or snacks for a protein shake can be a great help in boosting that protein intake! A personal favorite is the GNC brand Total Lean (pre made) Protein Shake, boasting 170cal, only 6g of both fat and carbs, and a whopping 25g of protein! That will surely get you full and keep you satisfied throughout the day!

Another great snack or lunch swap option is the ever-popular Quest Bar. These bad boys have 20g of protein in every bar, are typically under 200cal, and are totally delicious. Like, for real, they’re so dang good. (I highly recommend the S’mores and Vanilla Almond Crunch flavors…I may be eating one as I type this actually).

Along with getting in a high-protein lunch, try to plan dinners that have plenty of natural protein in them. Dinners with beans, tons of veggies, fish, tempeh and tofu are always a’plenty in my house!

While the pescetarian lifestyle can be a big change to some, it shouldn’t be as big of challenge to get adequate protein as people tend to say. Whether you’re just making the change recently, or you’ve been living the lifestyle for a while, hitting your protein goals are a very important part of weight loss, gain, and maintenance mutually. Pack that protein!


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