Fitness Scheduling

Happy Workout Wednesday!

Just got myself in the great habit of following an actual schedule of what workouts I will do, and when. Until recently, I used to just pretty much do cardio if I felt like, or run if I felt like it, or strength train…etc. Now, however, I’ve started to follow a schedule. At least until my official Half Marathon training kicks in, in August – then I’ll switch it up. But hey, that’s the beauty of it – it’s MY schedule!

Take a look:


Very fancy; I know. Color coded and all!

Personally, I like working out twice a day. I just don’t feel like once is enough, yes, even on days that I run 5+ miles. To me, I need a balance of strength and cardio in my day, and I certainly don’t have the time to do them back to back. And hell, even if I did, who wants to? Actually, I think it would lessen whichever came second, especially if strength training came second.

Typically, I prefer to start my day with cardio. Call it getting it out of the way, waking up the right way, getting my heart pumping – whatever. I just like it first thing in the morning after I drink my ‘morning drank’, as I call it, but that’ll be for another post.

Another thing I’ve really been loving when it comes to cardio routines, is a good WOD circuit. For those unfamiliar with the term, a WOD is a ‘workout of the day’ in Crossfit terms. While I’m not a crossfitter, and I don’t train in crossfit, I do love the structure that WODs typically have. For example, my A.M. WOD today was as follows:

  • 500m run (about .31mi)
  • 12 kettlebell snatches (6 each arm)
  • 15 kettlebell swings
  • 15 goblet squats
  • Repeat x4

In crossfit gyms (or boxes, as they’re called), i believe you would or could do this “for time” meaning you’d try to do it as fast as possible. Or sometimes, they do AMRAP* – as many rounds as possible. I, however, try to knock out a designated amount of rounds- usually 4-6 depending on the varying exercises- in 20mins, then with whatever time I have left after my certain amount of rounds, I do alternating ab exercises.

Easy peasy.

* – Crossfit, as I know it, has tons o’ acronyms and crossfit-specific terminology. If I am or do use any of wrong…thats because I’m not a crossfitter; I only play one on TV. No, but really – if I use it improperly, or if I’m wrong about what I *think* something means…dont hold it against me! Learning process 🙂


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