Bay 5k, Fit2Run First-Timer, and New Kicks!

Last week Drummer Boy and I made the great plans for Saturday afternoon to visit Cheesecake Factory and hit the Fit2Run store at International Mall (Tampa). And then, all the stars aligned.

Saturday morning came and went fast, as I was up mega-early for my first “official” 5k! I was pretty excited – I knew it wasn’t going to be anything crazy; just a little charity run, pirate themed. It was a nice little race…and I do mean ‘little’ as the route ended up only being 2.45mi (a whopping .65mi short, obviously). But, ah well, it was for a good cause, and was a nice morning run in a different location. I was a tad disappointed though, as I was in “fast like lightning” mode, apparently, and was running sub-8, and hardly-over-8 minute miles! That’s right…my first mile was a sub-8min mile… took me a measly 7:57. Killing it. I wound up finishing the .65 at home, where Pep was able to accompany me.

Bay 5k, June '15
Bay 5k, June ’15

Onto the Factory de Cheesecake…

Let me preface this part with this: NO, we didn’t get any cheesecake. I know. We had a giftcard to use up, and I made it crystal clear to Josh that cheesecake would not be happening. He agreed, and we managed to stick to that. I had the delish Ahi Tuna Tatake salad…didn’t even need dressing. It was a-may-zing. So fresh and tasty.

Next up was the cout de’ grace, Fit2Run. I was so looking forward to this visit to begin with, when alas, I looked at the back of my race bib as we were driving home and what did I see?? A 10% off Footwear coupon for Fit2Run! Killa’.

I think I walked into the store looking like a kid at Disney World. As a new runner, I had never even bothered going into that store in the past – a mistake I’ll never make again. It was fabulous. Cute clothes, accessories, and all the gu-bloks-bars-juices-etc. you could dream of. And of course, wall of beautifully bright sneaks…I couldn’t wait. I tracked down a sales associate, said I wanted to get assessed via gait analysis for some shoes, and voila. We were off.

I learned I have a neutral gait! There ya’ have it; I’m average! Just kidding…but it was good to know – I was almost sure I had some degree of overpronation just from the way my foot kicks out all Phoebe-like, but nope. I’m straight. And I heel strike – DEFINTELY good to know, so I can buy some padded heel shoes, and/or inserts.

I had a little bit of a price-cap for my new-shoe-purchase, because without one, I’d spend a thousand zillion bucks…so mentioning my budget ahead of the salesperson bringing out shoes was a good idea. She brought me a pair of New Balances (not amazing feeling, or looking, TBH), Brooks (ugh…to be continued), and Sauconys. Spoiler alert…I ended up with the Sauconys.

New Sauconys after their first run!
New Sauconys after their first run!

They felt great, looked cool, and fit my budget. Easy peasy.

Now, the Brooks…man. They were the Brooks 3d Print shoes. Those things felt fricken heavenly. I don’t know that my foot has ever felt so damn good in a shoe. I want(ed) those bad boys like no other. I resigned myself to getting the Saucony’s for training for Savannah, then maybe rewarding myself post-race with a sick pair of those Brooks in preparation for my Half numero dos, the Disney Princess Half Marathon, in February.


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