It’s Official…

I’ve gone half-crazy. Or rather, I’ve signed up for my first Half Marathon! Come November, this girl will be pounding the pavement for 13.1mi through the gloriously historic streets of…Savannah, GA. That’s right. Not only am I signed up for my very first half marathon, but I’m traveling for it. Never saw that one coming. Wasn’t too long ago I said I’d never run that far, and especially not take a (mini) vacation to RUN.

Savannah Rock n' Rol Marathon
Savannah Rock n’ Roll Marathon

And then I ate my words. Along with a bag of cookies carrots to calm my nerves…right.

November is only a mere 5mos away, so I’m already working on hitting some run goals. Right now, I’m practicing “pace” runs. My first one, actually, occurred a few hour ago. It was…different. And difficult. I didn’t think I’d have such a hard time following a pace, but, to my surprise, it’s harder than it sounds. I set my trusty Garmin Forerunner 10 to sync me to a 9:15 pace, thinking, “That should be good and slow (read: easy) to follow for a first-time-pace-run.” Wrong-o. I found myself running too fast, or “Ahead of Pace” as it alerted me, and when I’d slow, I’d slow too much. Guess this is something I’ll have to work on, especially since my “official” 12-wk Half Marathon Training Plan that my soon-to-be race buddy/running pro, Heather, printed up for me includes at least one pace run per week.

Glad I have 5mos to work on it!!


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